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os module gotya

Apparently documentation is important sometimes… I’m writing this Python script that’s run in both Linux and Windows. My development happens on a Linux box, so until I move onto testing my scripts on Windows, I don’t realize the discrepancies. I wanted to get the username of the user, and there is this command in the os module called getlogin() which worked perfectly on my Linux box. In Windows it raises an exception. I checked the documentation and it says that getlogin() is only supported in UNIX, go figure… The way it recommends to get the username is from the os environment variable dictionary. The documentation tells you to use the “LOGNAME” key. I’ve found that “LOGNAME” does not work in Windows, but “USERNAME” works in both…

import os

Anyways, tread lightly and always look at the documentation, even when something seems to be named so appropriately in such a mainstream language/module. One of the things that I really love about Python is that it usually does what you expect it to do. I guess nothing’s perfect though, and it pays to always be on your toes.

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