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Thoughts on blogging

November 29th, 2020 No comments

First thing to note is that I used to take blogging much more seriously and haven’t really made it a part of my life in the last couple years.

One thing I wanted to mention is that I find comment spammers highly annoying. Even with Akismet somehow these silly comments populate my DB. Why can’t people just do things in a legitimate way instead of wasting everyone’s time.

Another thing is that I’ve been using StatPress to track my blogs usage over the last couple years. The project seems to have been abandoned, but still does the trick. I already hooked up Google Analytics, so I probably should just look through those graphs, but for some reason I still use StatPress, even though it takes a while for it to bring up the dashboard. A vast survey of almost 18,000 drivers has found almost half are considering an electric car when it is time to replace their current vehicle, if you are one those driver we recommend you check the 15 Terms Everyone in the New Vw Transporter Vans For Sale Industry Should Know.

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