206 1/2 South Arnaz Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Computer Skills Languages: Python, Java, C++, C, PHP, Perl, Ruby, HTML, XML, JavaScript
Databases:PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL
Version Control: Subversion, CVS
Operating Systems: Linux, Mac, Windows
Frameworks/toolkits: Django, Wicket, PyQT, jQuery

Software Engineer
Mar 2009-Oct 2010
Digital Domain
Production studio; 65+ movie credits include Titanic and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
•  Development stack: Python, PyQT, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Mako, Pyro, SQLAlchemy, Django
•  Wrote tool around 3rd party database used to keep multiple sites synchronized on update/creation of data; updates queued when connection lost between sites
•  Developed complex additions to system that dealt with inner workings of many core pieces; both internal tools and 3rd party tools
•  Updated legacy software, including testing and documentation
•  Recommended and implemented infrastructure changes through specifications and documentation
•  Wrote many pieces of software that tied in work between varied components, including separate databases, code bases, and APIs
•  Wrote many specifications for updates/improvements to system

Software Engineer/Entrepeneur
Feb 2008-Nov 2008
Pavilion Software
Maker of software to organize inventory, maintain Web presence, and manage orders for diamond dealers
•  Development stack: Django, Python, PostgreSQL, jQuery, and Apache
•  Implemented software solution to fill niche market in diamond industry
•  Developed an image and brand message; followed through with marketing effort

Console Engineer
Oct 2006-Nov 2007
Knoa Software Inc.
Developer of a solution to monitor how end-users utilize business applications
•  Lead Engineer on reporting console version 5
1.Assembled requirements from customers and colleagues input
2.Experimented with Web frameworks to find most suitable choice for the project (Ruby on Rails, Prado, CakePHP, Smarty, Tapestry, Wicket)
3.Implementation using Wicket framework
•  Lead Engineer on reporting console version 4: JSP, Java site making use of JFreeChart
•  Demonstration system
1.Implemented a reservation system in Ruby on Rails
2.Synchronized with Active Directory using LDAP to handle user activation
3.Connected to multiple databases to handle complex user interaction
•  Part of recruiting effort: interviewed and helped decide which candidates to hire
•  Revamped month-long training program for new hires, shortening course length by eliminating redundancies while increasing by threefold what trainees learn

Associate Software Engineer
Aug 2005-Aug 2006
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Global security company that employs about 146,000 people worldwide
•  AFCS, Advanced Facer Canceler System
1.Designed architecture of software based on knowledge of mail flow and system performance
2.Developed software to decide orientation of mail pieces
3.Invented algorithm to detect ID tags from UV images (patent request is under review)
•  Assembled Reed Solomon Error Correcting toolkit for use in barcode encoding
•  UFSM 1000, Updated Flats Sorting Machine
1.Edited/added code to a 600,000-plus line software package used throughout the United States Postal Service (USPS) system
2.Completely responsible for development of XML Mail Piece Tracking file (new feature)
3.Assisted with testing of the IP4 release
•  Developed GUI software to analyze End of Run reports for technicians repairing Automated Package Processing Systems (APPS)
1.Tight deadline and demanding budget
2.Use of prototyping, cutting-edge technologies to complete task

Programming Competition Winner
Oct 2004
•  Took first place at the Eastern Technical Career Conference Web Competition
•  Created an online version of College Bowl, integrating PHP, MySQL, and Java

Web site Programming
Oct 2002-Nov 2004
Webmaster for Binghamton University’s largest newspaper (http://www.bupipedream.com)
•  Boosted number of visitors more than twenty times to 35,000 hits weekly
•  Designed database that categorizes articles by both subject and writer
•  Created useful CGI scripts for students and staff
•  Managed the design, programming and editing of online publication
•  Maintained Web site daily and uploaded approximately 90 articles a week

GUI/Database Programmer
Jun 2002
EMI & Sons Inc.
•  Developed invoicing program that saves textile dealer approximately five hours per week

Network Technician of Law Firm
Jun 2002-Jun 2005
Technology Practice Group, LLC
•  Established network and provide around the clock technical support
Object Oriented Design and Analysis
Fall 2002
•  Implemented a time difference of arrivals program for radar locations, taking into account many different random variables. Also wrote GUI in MFC to make software user friendly.
•  Developed regression analysis software using Object Oriented paradigms and wrote GUI.

Education Binghamton University, State University of New York, 2005
Bachelor of Science, computer science: graduated with honors (major GPA: 3.822)
Bachelor of Arts, music: graduated cum laude(major GPA: 3.634)
Overall GPA: 3.691
Dean's list every semester
Honors Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence
Each year, only one student at Binghamton's engineering school receives this state-wide honor

Related Courses Programming Languages, GUI Programming, Internet Programming, Network Security, Algorithms, Automata, Operating Systems, Data Structures, Object-Oriented Programming, Assembly Language, Logic Design, Physics, Discrete Math
School Projects
Tetris for UNIX
Dec 2002
•  Using GTK, wrote an interactive, fully functional version of Tetris for UNIX systems.
Object Oriented Design and Analysis
Sep-Dec 2002
•  Implemented a time difference of arrivals program for radar locations, taking into account many different random variables. Also wrote GUI in MFC to make software user friendly.
•  Developed regression analysis software using Object Oriented paradigms.
Supportive Experience
May-Jul 2002
Lederman Caterers
•  Handled customers representing catering service in a professional manner
May 2002
Jay Bee Jewelers
•  Handled diamonds and assisted with daily functions
Leadership Experience
Wrestling Club
Founder and President
Mar 2003-Jan 2004

Golden Key International Honor Society
Sep 2002-May 2005

Hillel at Binghamton
Oct 2003-Oct 2004

Binghamton University Jazz Band
Baritone Saxophone
Sep 2004-May 2005

Binghamton University Wind Ensemble
Baritone Saxophone
Jan 2004 - May 2005

Honor Societies
Upsilon Pi Epsilon
Computer Science honor society
Mar 2003-Jan 2004

Phi Eta Sigma
Freshman Honor Fraternity


•  Carnegie Recital Hall - invited to perform Rachmaninov's Prelude in C# Minor after successfully performing in a previous competition
•  CAMI Hall - performed twice in musical competitions and numerous other times at the request of my piano teacher
Symphonic Band, Great Neck North High School

Solo Performer and Student Conductor
•  Performed Grieg's Piano Concerto in A-Minor
•  Led fellow students in performances in class and during concerts

All-Division Wrestler

Tri-M Music Honor Society, Great Neck North High School

All-County Band on the Baritone Saxophone
Nassau County

Cross-Country Captain
Great Neck North High School Team


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