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Ignore Python bytecode files in svn

When loading up subversion’s status command it is quite annoying to get a list of files with the extension “pyc” in the list of files to look through. What you can do is setup rules within subversion to ignore these files. Subversion calls these settings “properties” and you can add them to different levels of your files (which actually can be confusing). What happened in my situation is that one of the folders I was working on did not have this value set, so that folder’s bytecode files were showing up but not any of the others.

The command is pretty simple:
svn propset svn:ignore "*.pyc" folder_name/

To view those properties that are set to a folder simply do:
svn proplist folder_name/

To delete the “svn:ignore” property do:
svn propdel svn:ignore folder_name/

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