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Google Style Guide

November 10th, 2009 1 comment

So, I’m reading through Peter Seibel‘s “Coders at Work“, which both Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood blogged about. At some point I want to write more about the actual interviews; which are fantastic. But today, I’m just sharing a link of something that I came across in the book. In Seibel’s interview with Brad Fitzpatrick, Brad mentions something about style guides that Google published. Well I found the link to them and passed them around my office and it started some pretty interesting conversations. Anyways, thought it was worth highlighting this link since it’s definitely worth a read through.

The reason I even thought about looking up the link is because there was a discrepancy in the way people were naming Python modules in the project I’m working on, which was making me a bit uncomfortable. I was wondering what the Google folks had to say about it. With Guido, of course, their opinion has some clout in the Python world…

I’m only on the fourth interview and I’ve already been exposed to lots of great material. One thing that I finally did — after years of wanting to take the plunge — is I ordered The Art of Computer Programming books (“volumes”) by Knuth. I *almost* buy these books every single year since 1999, but it just seemed time…if you read the “Coders at Work” book, you’ll see why… One great thing is that they put out a new version of the books in paperback, and they’re MUCH cheaper than previous versions. So that made the decision to finally buy them very easy.

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iPhone iPod controls

November 10th, 2009 No comments

I always wanted to know what the icons on the iPod player stood for. Finally remembered to look it up and found a page on Apple’s site explaining it. I wish there was a way on the phone itself to know what the hell these icons meant.

There are times when Apple makes too many decisions and this is one of them. And it’s really just in the fact that whoever designed this interface thought we’d magically figure out that the same icon with different coloring would be clear to the user. I really don’t know how this interface got as far as it did.

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