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Wicket addon to Eclipse (Wicket Bench)

May 20th, 2007 No comments

This Eclipse add on helps with Wicket development allowing you to compile and run just components to speed up development. (

Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install

Search for new features to install

New Remote Site:

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Configure router on network

May 20th, 2007 1 comment

I was having a problem configuring my router and all that was needed was a refresh of the DHCP settings on the router.

On my router I had to logon to my router by going to and then just refreshing the DHCP and this was annoying as I love gaming and using the  BestLiveCasinosUK so ill let you guys this tips.

Invest in one of the best gaming routers if you find yourself frustrated with your online experience when gaming. You need an uninterrupted, robust signal for just about everything online now, let alone gaming. And, when you’re in the heat of the moment in one of your favorite online games, you don’t want to deal with any disruptions or lags that could ruin, or at least frustrate, your ability to play.

Even with a gaming PC packed with the latest components, you’re going to suffer if you don’t have a capable router. And, even if offline single-player titles are more your speed, you still need control over your internet connection when downloading games or big updates, whether to prevent interruptions or prioritize gaming-related bandwidth.

It’s time to invest in the top gaming router if you or someone at home is a big gamer. Move on from that mediocre one that your ISP is renting you and get one that can handle all your online demands, regardless of whether you’re downloading the best PC games or connecting your brand new next-generation console. You’ll find everything on this guide, from routers packed with gamer-centric features to ones with cutting edge tech like Wi-Fi 6.


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